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            The business offices of  Flashlights Unlimited were temporarily closed
            due to medical reasons, but we have reopened.  Some existing orders
            are still backlogged, but those will all be fulfilled as quickly as possible.
            Due to product or availability issues, some new online orders could be
            delayed briefly, but you can call us for any urgent needs. We sincerely
            thank you for your patience as we recover normal business operations!

            See our full line of specialty lights for OAP fluorescent coatings inspection. Click here.
            Check out the latest INOVA series T flashlights, including the USB rechargeable T4R.
            Got bulbs?  Find popular bulbs for MagLite, Princeton Tec, and Streamlight flashlights.
            Also visit our Discounts page for wonderful deals on nylon holsters and krypton bulbs.
            Do you need replacement bulbs for your Himalayan salt (pink rock) lamps? Click here.

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   Order Info

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Order Info----( Placing Orders )----( PayPal Merchant )----( Shopping Cart )----( Order Form )
Order Info----( Product Pricing )----( Special Services )----( Total Charges )----( Making Payments )
Order Info----( Shipping Details )----( Customer Support )----( Returns Policy )----( Privacy Policy )

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Placing Orders

You may place your order by any of the methods listed below, but we must receive your
payment in full before we can ship you order.  You can use our printable order form (see
complete download information and links below) for fax or mail ordering.

Place your order directly from this website, using the respected PayPal system
for secure credit card or debit card transactions.  It's easy, it's fast, and it's safe.

Phone in your order (voice mail system available after hours), to 912-999-6378.
Send your check or money order via postal mail.  See Making Payments below.

Fax in your order, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, to 912-999-6366.
Send your check or money order via postal mail.  See Making Payments below.

Send your order or request by internet email to sales@flashlightsunlimited.com
Send your check or money order via postal mail.  See Making Payments below.

Send your order by postal mail or courier, using our downloadable Order Form,
to  Flashlights Unlimited,  416 Mapmaker Ln,  Savannah  GA  31410-2062
and enclose a check or money order (not cash).  See Making Payments below.

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PayPal Merchant

 Official PayPal Seal      Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, & eCheck  

We use PayPal, the number one online payment service, for our sophisticated
shopping cart system and credit / debit card processing.  Our banking accounts
have been verified by PayPal, your additional assurance that we are a viable and
committed business.  PayPal accepts domestic Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and
American Express cards, as well as electronic checks, for secure online purchasing.

Flashlights Unlimited is a PayPal Verified merchant.  To confirm our
account status, login to your PayPal account in a separate browser
tab or window, and then click on the PayPal Verified logo above.

Most verifiable credit card payments will usually be processed immediately.  PayPal
transactions involving electronic checks or bank account transfers may require up
to four days for processing to be completed, and shipment will be delayed until
the funds have been received.  We usually ship only to the address listed for
the account used, so please contact us if you need other arrangements.

Please note that when using PayPal system for the first time, if you enter a new
debit card, or if you enter incorrect billing address or verification details for your
credit card, PayPal may require you to complete a registration process in order
to validate your card.  This will necessitate waiting two to three days for a trans-
action record to appear in your online banking, or waiting for your monthly bank
account statement to be mailed.  These measures are intended to reduce card
fraud, and are required for the protection of both buyers and sellers.  For faster
processing, use a valid credit card, and enter your billing address exactly as it
appears on your monthly account statement.  Otherwise, we may need to reach
you by email or phone to validate both your billing and shipping address details.

If you experience any problems during checkout, with the entry or acceptance of your
credit or debit card information, you can call PayPal Customer Service for assistance.
The customer service telephone number for all Personal accounts is 1-402-935-2050.
Business and Premier account members can call PayPal toll-free at 1-888-221-1161.

We are pleased to announce that PayPal has granted Money Back Guarantee
account status to Flashlights Unlimited.  For just a small additional fee, PayPal
will guarantee your satisfaction with products you purchase from us, or you can
return the items to PayPal within thirty days for a refund (some restrictions may
apply, the order value limit for guarantees is $1000.00).  This is your additional
assurance that we are a trusted business, with a reputation for quality products.

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Shopping Cart

Placing orders with our PayPal shopping cart system is easy and secure.  Go to the
Products page to see the list of available flashlight models and accessories.  Click
on an underlined product name for detailed feature descriptions and pricing.  Each
of the individual product pages provides handy Add to Cart buttons for each model
and accessory item, plus View Cart buttons that let you review your selected items.
The EternaLight Comparisons and PALight Comparisons pages provide complete
product  pricing for the respective brands, and also have the shopping cart buttons.

These buttons will open the PayPal shopping cart within a separate window.  Click
on the Continue Shopping button, or just add another product or select a different
product page, until you have added all of the items that you want to buy.  Then click
on the Checkout button to continue in the PayPal system and complete your order.
We will confirm your order status by email, usually within the following business day.

Items with the Back Order button may be shipped from our facility, or directly from
the factory, and will usually arrive within two weeks or less after you place an order.
Please note that back ordered items may not be stocked in our local inventory, but
they are usually available from the factory, and will be delivered to you quickly.  We
strive to provide rapid order turn around, with responsive delivery status reporting.
Any items with a Sold Out button have been discontinued, and cannot be ordered.

If you have already been shopping and you are ready to check out now:

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Order Form

Click on the link below to download our printable order form in the listed file format.
We use the Adobe Acrobat document format.  If the Adobe Acrobat Reader add-in
has been installed for your web browser, the PDF file will be opened automatically.
Otherwise, you will need to download the file and then open it with Adobe Acrobat
(or download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Systems link below).

Order Form - Adobe Portable Document Format - 359KB :  Order Form  

Acrobat Reader - get software, if you don't have it already :  Acrobat Reader  

Yes, the order form looks big, in fact it is two pages long.  However, it is very easy
to complete, it has lots of slots for all of the information you'll need to provide, and
the slots are big enough so that you won't have to hurt yourself from trying to write
really tiny to make things fit.  (Don't you just hate those stupidly small order forms
like you see in magazines? Who can write tiny enough to even use those things?)
Our order form even has fold marks; you can fold the pages so our printed mailing
address will show through the front window of a standard #10 business envelope.

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Product Pricing

Current product pricing is provided in the printable order form, and is also listed on
each of the product description pages.  See the EternaLight Comparisons page for
single-unit pricing and feature descriptions for all EternaLight models.  Also see the
PALight Comparisons page for PALight prices.  Although our prices are subject to
change without notice, we will always advise you of any differences (or corrections)
before we process your order.  Please contact us if you have any questions about
prices.  We can usually provide discounted pricing on orders for six or more units.
See the Total Charges topic below to determine sales taxes and shipping charges.

We try to keep our prices at or below the factory prices for all of our items.  You will
find that our battery prices are extremely aggressive, and our shipping charges are
among the lowest available.  We will only charge separate handling fees for items
that are unusually large or heavy, require additional packaging or special shipping.
We want you to have every good reason to buy from us, including very competitive
pricing, speedy order processing, and unexcelled customer service and support.
We also send free gift items with some flashlight orders.  These factors combine
to make us one of the best values on the internet for fine LED flashlight products.

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Special Services

Gift Wrapping

We can provide attractive, professional-quality gift wrapping for EternaLight or Squid
or Zzz... products.  The cost for this additional service is just $2.95 per item.  We use
top-quality foiled or textured or heavy-weight printed wrapping paper, and satin-finish
or foil-finish ribbon accents, color coordinated for a beautiful appearance.  The styles
are generic, unless you request for specific seasons (Christmas, Halloween, Easter).
The choice of papers and colors is at our discretion, but you may make suggestions
in the message section of the PayPal order confirmation process, and we will follow
them when practical.  Bows are not included, as they are unlikely to survive shipping.

When selecting gift wrapping, be sure to click the Gift Wrapping Add To Cart button
once for each item you want wrapped, or change the quantity of this item if required.
We do not normally provide gift wrapping for separate or unboxed accessory items,
but we can pre-install certain accessories (lanyards, bands or clips) at your request.
Specify any details in the message section, before completing your order check out.
Please add four to six days to normal delivery intervals for orders with gift wrapping.
This special service is not intended for use on orders requiring expedited shipping.

Gift Wrapping Services Item No Unit Price
Gift Wrapping Service - EternaLight GW-EL $ 4.95
Gift Wrapping Service - Squid GW-MS $ 4.95
Gift Wrapping Service - Zzz... GW-ZZ $ 4.95

Laser Engraving

We can provide handsome, high-precision customized laser engraving for most of the
aluminum-cased flashlights we sell.  The costs for this additional service vary with the
models and quantities involved.  Single unit prices start around $12 for some models,
to engrave a single line of simple text (like a name or date).  Yes, it's that inexpensive!
For larger quantities, the pricing can be competitive with conventional silk-screening,
but the engraved appearance is much more sophisticated, and more durable as well.

Whether you need a single flashlight engraved for that special birthday or going-away
present, or you require dozens or hundreds of units for a major promotional campaign,
we are ready to assist.  We can manage the entire process for you, providing a single
point of contact, while eliminating wasted time and effort of coordinating products and
services.  We offer low prices with minimal setup and artwork charges.  Turn-around is
fast, usually two weeks or less (rush order service is also available at additional cost).

Contact us by phone or email, and we will provide an estimate for your requirements.
As with our volume discount pricing, we can create custom web ordering features, to
make purchasing dozens of custom-engraved flashlights as easy as buying a single
off-the-shelf model.  Inova and MagLite aluminum flashlights are quality products that
will last for years, and these perfect gifts get even better with custom laser engraving.
Add a handsome metal presentation tin with a custom foam insert for the ultimate gift.

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Total Charges

We utilize USPS Priority Mail and/or UPS Ground surface freight service to help keep
shipping charges and packaging costs reasonable.  For each order you place, please
include the value based shipping & handling charges listed in the table below, to help
cover the costs of packaging and shipping your order.  For orders placed in Georgia,
also be sure to include Georgia state and local sales taxes, which must be calculated
at 7.0% of the total value of merchandise.  The printable electronic order form provides
spaces for inclusion of these additional charges, and also details the charge amounts.
There are no credit card surcharges or hidden fees, so what you see is what you pay,
except that we add a $1.00 fee for any credit card orders placed by telephone or fax.

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the shipping intervals for both domestic and inter-
national shipments have increased, often dramatically. The delivery intervals shown
below are estimates only, and any delivery dates or intervals cannot be guaranteed.

If you use our PayPal secure online shopping cart, shipping and handling charges are
calculated automatically by purchase values, and are displayed when you check out.
The value based shipping charges for shopping cart orders are listed below.  Some
large or heavy items (such as lanterns and large bulk quantities of alkaline batteries)
may be subject to an additional handling charge, due to weight or packaging needs.
These charges are always described within the pricing notes for the affected items.

In some cases, our actual costs for shipping & handling of domestic USA orders can
be lower than the amounts listed below.  In those cases, when the difference is more
than $1.50, we will refund the excess charge to the customer at the time of shipment.

Domestic Shipping Charges Standard Delivery Express Delivery
Purchase Value Range
Merchandise Total
Continental USA
48 States
2 - 7 Days
1 - 2 Weeks
Continental USA
48 States
1 - 3 Days
2 - 5 Days
$9.99 or less $4.95 $4.95 $39.95 $39.95
$10.00 - $49.99 $7.95 $7.95 $44.95 $44.95
$50.00 - $99.99 $8.95 $8.95 $49.95 $49.95
$100.00 - $149.99 $9.95 $9.95 $54.95 $54.95
$150.00 or more $10.95 $10.95 $59.95 $59.95

Shipments to Canada, and to any other country outside of the United States, require
the payment of additional amounts to cover the higher costs of international shipping.
See the Shipping Details topic below, for complete details regarding the upcharges
for international shipments, or to select expedited air freight for domestic deliveries.
International orders will not be processed and shipped until these required transpor-
tation upcharges have been paid and all payments are fully cleared into our account.

In some cases, our actual costs for shipping and handling of international orders can
be lower than the amounts listed below.  In those cases, when the difference is more
than $2.50, we will refund the excess charge to the customer at the time of shipment.

For international orders that include lithium batteries installed in flashlights, shipping
charges may be dramatically higher than those applied by the shopping cart, and for
those instances the customer must pay all additional freight costs before shipment is
initiated.  No more than two lithium batteries of any type can be contained in any one
shipping carton that will be exported outside of the USA by postal mails, and the only
alternative to international postal delivery will be commercial export carriers (such as
DHL, FedEx, or UPS) with extremely high per package rates (often over $100 each).
Lithium batteries cannot ever be shipped to Germany or Italy by postal mail methods.

International Shipping Charges & Handling Fees
Purchase Value Range
(Merchandise Total)
Canada & Mexico
2 - 4 Weeks
Canada & Mexico
1 - 2 Weeks
All Other Countries
2 - 4 Weeks
All Other Countries
1 - 2 Weeks
This Handing Fee
For Export Orders
Is Included In The
Shipping Charges
$14.99 or less $30.00 $40.00 $40.00 $60.00 $2.00
$15.00 - $49.99 $35.00 $45.00 $45.00 $65.00 $3.00
$50.00 - $99.99 $40.00 $50.00 $50.00 $70.00 $4.00
$100.00 - $149.99 $45.00 $55.00 $55.00 $75.00 $5.00
$150.00 or more $50.00 $60.00 $60.00 $80.00 $6.00

For international orders, the customer is held responsible for payment of any and all
customs duties, brokerage fees, and/or value added taxes that may be associated
with the delivery of each shipment.  We are not able to calculate or estimate any of
those additional charges, which may be assessed upon passage of each package
into the destination country and during customs clearance, and which the customer
is usually required to pay in full before any package is released for delivery.  Some
countries require that import licenses be obtained for certain types of merchandise,
and the customer is also solely responsible for compliance with those requirements,
including the payment of any tariffs or fees that may be associated with the licenses.

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Making Payments

Domestic Payments

Mail payment to Flashlights Unlimited, 416 Mapmaker Ln, Savannah GA 31410-2062.
If you mail your check or money order payment, we will ship your merchandise as soon
as payment has been received and verified.  We will accept cash, personal checks or
business checks, certified bank checks, or money orders, any of which must be made
payable to Flashlights Unlimited.  For your protection, never send cash through postal
mail, and never send checks or other documents made payable to Cash.  Note that if
you pay with a personal or business check, it must be cleared through our bank before
we can ship your order (and before we can procure any special-ordered items for you).

If you call us to place your order by phone, we can take your credit or debit card infor-
mation by phone to complete your order quickly.  We will destroy the credit card num-
ber and expiration date details immediately after processing your payment, so your
financial information will be unavailable in the unlikely event that our data systems are
ever compromised.  Please note that we may apply a $1.00 handling charge for any
order having merchandise value under $100 that is placed and paid by telephone, to
help cover the additional labor cost for manual processing of your credit or debit card.
For your protection, do not provide your credit card details using a cellular telephone,
and do not email your credit card information to us, as those methods are not secure.
Always use a land line (wired phone or fax machine) for transmission of any sensitive
financial data, to minimize the possibility of snooping by fraudsters or identity thieves.

Of course, you can also pay online with our secure electronic order service, provided
by PayPal.  See the Total Charges topic above to the determine sales taxes, shipping
charges, and handling fees that will be applied to your order during checkout.  If your
desired delivery address is not the same as your credit card billing address, enter the
exact billing address details into the PayPal address entry area, and then specify the
delivery address, plus your telephone number, in the Message area during checkout.
If you do not follow these instructions, PayPal may list your address as Unconfirmed,
and we will need to acquire and verify your billing address and telephone number by
email before we can accept your payment, which will delay the processing your order.
If payment is made with an e-check (from PayPal account funded by a bank account),
there will be a clearing period of three to five business days, and shipment will not be
made until the payment has been fully posted to our account at the end of that period.

We occasionally provide open account terms to schools, universities, and well-rated
commercial firms.  Acceptance and/or retention of open account status is at our sole
discretion, and we may require bank and  trade references and other information for
review and validation prior to granting this privilege.  We will  not  offer open account
payment  terms to international customers under any circumstances.  Corporate cus-
tomers should refer to our Payment Terms & Credit Policies document for additional
information regarding  payment intervals, discount rates, and late payment penalties.

International Payments

Please note that there are several conditions required for international transactions
using our online shopping cart.  You must be a listed by PayPal as an International
buyer, using a valid credit or debit card of a financial institution in your own country.
And we can ship only to the exact name and address that are listed as the specific
billing account name and address for that same card.  If your order does not meet
these criteria, we must reject it and refund the payment, and you will remain respon-
sible for any currency conversion fees that may have been assessed by your bank.

International credit card and debit card payments can be made only from the forty-
five countries currently accepted by the PayPal processing system.  If your specific
country does not appear in this list, you cannot pay with a credit card or debit card.
Anguilla               Germany            New Zealand
Argentina              Greece             Norway
Australia              Hong Kong          Portugal
Austria                Iceland            Singapore
Belgium                India              South Korea
Brazil                 Ireland            Spain
Canada                 Israel             Sweden
Chile                  Italy              Switzerland
China                  Jamaica            Taiwan
Costa Rica             Japan              Thailand
Denmark                Luxembourg         Turkey
Dominican Republic     Malaysia           United Kingdom
Ecuador                Mexico             United States
Finland                Monaco             Uruguay
France                 Netherlands        Venezuela

If for any reason we are unable to verify that the specified delivery address exactly
matches the billing address for your account, we may ask for additional information.
This information may include your telephone numbers and the billing address that is
associated with your account.  We may also ask that you provide the first six digits
of your credit card or debit card number.  These numbers comprise the bank
identification code only, and will be used to determine the country of account origin.
If you do not wish to provide the additional information, we will refund your payment.
We will not ask for the entire card number, nor for its expiration date or CVV code.

You can make payment by check or money order if preferred, but any such payment
must be made payable in the full amount and in US dollars only (the buyer must pay
any currency conversion fees).  As with domestic purchases, any checks or money
orders must fully clear and post in our bank account before shipment can be made.
We can also accept payment by wire transfer, but subject to those same conditions.
Again all checks and money orders must be made payable to Flashlights Unlimited,
and should be delivered to us via Certified Mail or guaranteed international courier.
When paying by check, money order, or wire transfer, no international shipment will
be made until the funds have fully cleared our bank and remained valid for five days.

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Shipping Details

Domestic Shipments

We ship to most United States and territorial destinations, using either USPS Priority
Mail or UPS Ground service.  Some light weight orders (thirteen ounces or less) may
be shipped via First Class Mail.  We carefully pack your order to ensure safe delivery.
If you provide an email address with your order, we will notify you when shipment has
been made.  We can ship via Express Mail or UPS 2-Day service, but at substantially
higher cost.  Special Add to Cart buttons are provided at the bottom of this topic that
allow you to request air freight shipment or delivery to Canada, for specific upcharges.
You should call or email us before using any of these features, to verify stock status of
your items.  You can email us at any time to request a current delivery status for orders
that you have placed, or for additional product information or fast technical assistance.

Note that orders for flashlights with LED colors other than White may not be available
from local stock, and may experience longer delivery times than for standard products.
Stock items usually ship the next business day, and arrive within 2 to 7 business days
thereafter.  Any items that must be special ordered will typically arrive at your door in
just two to three weeks after your order date.  We will advise stock status for all items
you order, so that you know when to expect delivery, if you provide an email address.
In some cases, we may offer an alternate item to replace one that is not immediately
available from stock, but you will always be given a choice to accept the alternate for
faster shipment, or wait for subsequent delivery of the item you originally requested.
See the Total Charges topic above to determine sales taxes, shipping and handling.

Special Freight Service Upcharges
You must call or email us to determine
the correct upcharge amount for your
particular items and delivery location.
Item No Upcharge
UPS Three Day Select - Shipping Upcharge
For faster delivery of small packages to
domestic destinations within three days.
Fees vary by weight & location, we will advise
you by email to select the appropriate amount.
UPS Second Day Air - Shipping Upcharge
For faster delivery to domestic destinations,
and used for some air shipments to Canada.
Depending upon weights and locations, we
may ship using USPS Express Mail instead.
UPS Next Day Air - Shipping Upcharge
For fast next-day delivery of smaller packages
to destinations within the 48 continental states.
Select this freight adder only when specifically
arranged with us in advance by phone or email.

International Shipments

Click here  to read an important notice regarding the export of products that contain
lithium disposable batteries and lithium ion rechargeable batteries. These products
can no longer be shipped internationally, or to military addresses, via cost effective
US Postal Service methods. You must contact us by phone or email to order them.

International Order Notice:  As of 01 September 2007, our PayPal shopping cart has
been updated to provide estimated charges for international delivery.  In some cases
our actual freight costs will be higher than the estimated amount added by the PayPal
shopping cart, in these cases will notify you by email and provide instructions for pay-
ment of the required upcharge amount.  If our actual costs are substantially lower than
the shopping cart estimate, we will issue a refund for the difference at the time of ship-
ment.  Customers in Canada and Mexico may have two choices of shipping methods
for orders, customers in most other countries will be offered only one delivery method.
A small handling charge will be applied to every international order, to help us pay the
increased costs of international transaction fees and of export document preparation.
The customer remains responsible for payment of any customs duty, brokerage fees,
and value added taxes upon delivery.  Lithium batteries (except when packaged with
flashlights), infrared lighting devices, liquid chemical items, and products of the ASP
and MagLite brands cannot be shipped outside of the USA under any circumstances.
These restrictions are shown in "Not For Export" notes listed with each affected item.

We regret that we cannot service some international orders.  However, we do provide
delivery to destinations in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, all
of Scandinavia and much of Europe (over 40 countries total).  Orders for international
delivery must be placed by customers with PayPal International accounts, or must be
prepaid in advance with a check payable in United States dollars.  Shipment will not
be made until payment has been received and verified by our bank.  Any commercial
orders must be placed by special prior arrangements with Flashlights Unlimited, due
to the need to calculate additional transportation costs based on location and weight.

The recipient is held responsible for payment of any and all customs charges, import
duties, brokerage fees, and value added taxes for the merchandise.  These fees may
be applied to the package upon its arrival in your country, and you may be required to
pay those charges in full before your package is released for delivery to you.  We are
unable to calculate those charges in advance.  Allow at least one additional week for
the processing of international orders, due to inter-office stock shipment, preparation
of documentation, special packing requirements, and local transport to the post office.

You must read, and agree to, all of the terms and conditions of the Returns Policy as
detailed below, before requesting international shipment.  Do not proceed otherwise.
If you have placed an order for international delivery, but have not included the freight
upcharges pre-arranged with us for international shipment, it will be necessary for us
to send a request for payment of the required amount.  Your order will not be shipped
until the full international freight upcharge amount has been paid.  If you do not want to
pay the freight upcharge, we can cancel your order, and refund your original payment.
For international orders, a sixty-day waiting period will apply before insurance claims
for non-delivery can be filed.  Other insurance restrictions may apply to certain orders.

In some cases, we may need to request a payment for an additional freight upcharge.
When the amount of your international freight upcharge has been determined, you can
make payment of that amount using the special ordering features provided below, as
needed for the freight method that has been chosen.  Please note that you must select
the correct dollar amount using the Upcharge list box, before clicking on Add To Cart.
If an incorrect amount is selected, an additional payment may be required for comple-
tion of your order, and this may further delay delivery.  Also note that you must provide
the delivery location telephone number during checkout, we cannot export without this.

International Freight Service Upcharges
You must call or email us to determine
the correct upcharge amount for your
particular items and delivery location.
Item No Upcharge
Product Operation Pretest - Service Upcharge
Your flashlight will be brought into our offices and
fully tested for correct operation prior to shipment.
Contact us for details before selecting this service.
Please add one week to standard delivery intervals.
UPS Standard Canada - Shipping Upcharge
For surface delivery of smaller packages to
destinations in Canada, within 5 to 10 days.
Fees vary by weight & location, we will advise
you by email to select the appropriate amount.
International Mail Service - Shipping Upcharge
We use United States Postal Service mail for
most shipments into international destinations.
Fees vary by weight & location, we will advise
you by email to select the appropriate amount.

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Customer Support

When you open your parcel and see how carefully we've packaged your order,
and then experience the excellent quality of our products, you'll know you made
the right choice.  We do it right the first time and every time, because we want
you to be so pleased with us that you can't resist coming back again for more.

If you have any questions or problems with your order or merchandise, please
contact us by internet email, phone, fax, or postal mail.  Use the same numbers
and addresses as shown above for placing orders.  We will respond as quickly
as possible to answer your questions or resolve any problems you might have.

Call any time (voice mail system available after hours), to 912-999-6378

Send a fax, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, to 912-999-6366

Send your request by internet email to service@flashlightsunlimited.com

You can also use our handy online Feedback Form to inquire about your order
status, or to get additional product information or speedy technical assistance.
We are very knowledgeable about the products we sell, so we can help you to
determine the best models and accessories that will meet your specific needs.

Send your message or request with our Feedback Form :   

Send your opinions and comments with our Survey Form :  

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Returns Policy

We want you to be satisfied with your purchases from Flashlights Unlimited.
If you receive defective or incorrect merchandise, we will refund the full pur-
chase price including shipping charges, provided that you follow exactly the
procedures described below.  If you decide that you do not want to keep an
item from your order for another reason, we may refund the purchase price,
but you will be responsible for all shipping charges.  Any specially ordered
items may be subject to a 25% restocking charge, and any custom printed
items may not be returnable unless defective (contact us for further details).
Any items for which the original packaging has been opened or damaged,
or that have been used in any way, may only be refunded at one half (50%)
of original purchase price, unless returned due to defect or transit damage.

Defective items may be returned for replacement instead of a refund, if you
prefer.  In many cases, the quickest solution will be to return your merchan-
dise directly to the factory, but you may return the product to us if you wish.
We will provide information for both return methods whenever appropriate.
After thirty days, most items can only be returned directly to the factory, but
we will provide an address and complete instructions if you need them, and
we can assist you with factory return even if you bought the item elsewhere.
Sales of all demonstrator items are final, and cannot be returned unless the
received merchandise does not operate in accordance with specifications.

Returns can only be accepted within 30 days of the confirmed delivery date
of your shipment.  PayPal refunds can only be issued within 60 days of the
original transaction date.  Report any problem with your order immediately.
Before returning any items, you must contact us for a  Return Merchandise
Authorization (RMA) number.  Contact us by phone at 912-999-6378, or by
email at service@flashlightsunlimited.com.  Return shipments which do not
show the proper RMA number on the exterior packaging will be rejected.  If
possible, use same packaging that was originally used for shipment to you.
Always use insured shipping, and request a delivery signature confirmation.
Use a ground based method, as we will not reimburse air shipping charges.

When requesting a return, please provide a model number and description
for each item.  Include an explanation of the reason for your dissatisfaction.
We will provide complete instructions for return of your merchandise, when
we issue an RMA number.  Any returned merchandise must be in saleable
condition, with original packaging and documentation, and all parts intact.
Refunds or exchanges will be denied for any items that show evidence of
use, abuse, or disassembly, or for which the original factory box and docu-
mentation have not been provided.  If your shipment was damaged during
transport, please advise the carrier in writing immediately upon its receipt,
and send a copy of that message to us so that we can provide assistance.

All of our products carry a limited warranty against defects in materials or
workmanship from the manufacturer.  Warranty coverage periods vary by
manufacturer, and range from one year to the life of the owner.  A limited
warranty usually means that the manufacturer will repair or replace, at his
discretion, any unit that fails to perform in accordance with specifications
during the  warranty period,  provided that the failure  was  not caused by
an evident misuse or abuse of the unit.  Batteries and incandescent lamp
bulbs, which are user-replaceable items, are usually not covered by these
warranties.  In the unlikely event that you need to acquire warranty service
for a product you purchased from us, please contact the manufacturer as
instructed in the original documentation provided with the product.  Some
manufacturers may require proof of purchase, so we recommend that you
retain your Flashlights Unlimited invoice, along with all original packaging.

Beyond thirty days after delivery, warranty repairs and replacements must
be arranged directly with the factory.  We can provide the contact informa-
tion, and any exchange policy and service fee information, if you have lost
your original product documentation.  We can also supply a duplicate copy
of your invoice, either electronically or by postal mail, if you require a proof
of purchase and have misplaced your original.  Contact us as listed above.

Please note that for international orders, we cannot be responsible for any
costs associated with the return of merchandise from locations outside of
the United States.  If you purchase merchandise for international delivery,
and later decide to return it for any reason, including defect or malfunction,
you must bear the burden of cost for return shipping.  Also note that if you
return any product for refund, we may refund only a portion of your original
shipping cost that is equivalent to our standard rate for domestic delivery.
We are not able to refund customs duties, brokerage fees, or value taxes.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy, and the security of your personal information, are important to us.
Flashlights Unlimited will never sell, rent, or disclose your personal information
to other individuals or organizations for any reason, unless required by actions
of law.  The only exceptions to this policy are situations in which some of your
information must be provided to outside parties to facilitate the delivery of your
orders.  Your financial transactions with PayPal are processed on their secure
web servers.  Your bank account, credit card or debit card information is never
provided to or retained by Flashlights Unlimited when using the PayPal system.

Your shipping address only (but not your billing address) may be provided to
any factories or distribution facilities associated with your orders, whenever
drop shipments are used for expedited delivery of items not available from
our local stock.  These business partners are never permitted to contact our
customers for any purpose other than the delivery of updated shipping status
information, and are not allowed to use customer data for any other reasons. 

If you supply us with your telephone numbers online, then you will only receive
telephone contact from us with information regarding orders you have placed
online, or to answer specific questions that you have directed to our attention.
We do not ever engage in or provide referrals for any telemarketing activities.
Your telephone numbers will not be released outside of our company, except
when specifically required as delivery details for expedited air freight service.

If you place an order with us, or request information with our online Feedback
Form, and if you have provided your email address, we will send order confir-
mation notices, and replies to your questions or comments, with return email.
Our Newsletter program has been discontinued, due to concerns over spam.
Your email address will  never  be divulged to others for marketing purposes,
unless you specifically direct us to do so due to your interest in their products.

Certain international orders may necessitate additional validation requirements.
We may ask for the first six digits only of your card account number, if we need
to verify the bank location of your account for international orders.  We will then
destroy this information, even though it cannot be used to access your account.
We will not ask for your entire credit card number, as we do not ever want that
information for any reason.  We also will not ask for the card expiration date or
CVV code number, as those will have been verified by PayPal during checkout.

If you place an order by telephone, fax or mail, and wish to make payment by
credit card or debit card, it will then be necessary for us to temporarily collect
complete information including the following: exact billing name and address,
delivery name and address, card number, expiration date, and a 3- or 4-digit
card security code.  This information should be delivered to us via wired tele-
phone or fax.  For your protection, never transmit credit card details by using
a cellular telephone or email message, as those methods are not considered
to be adequately secure.  When we have completed processing of your card
payment, we will immediately destroy your card number, expiration date, and
security code details, so that it will not be possible to retrieve the information
from our systems in the unlikely event of a security breach.  Please note that
if you place subsequent orders, you must provide the card details every time.

Our web hosting facilities and data management systems may collect details
of your visit to our website, possibly including such information as the source
IP address and which pages were visited.  We will apply this information only
for statistical analysis applications, and not for purposes of individual identifi-
cation.  The only allowable exceptions to this rule would be instances in which
our company or business partners may have been defrauded or damaged by
electronic or telephonic means, or otherwise as mandated by actions of law.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our security practices.

We make every effort to ensure that your information, and our communications,
are protected from corruption or intrusion.  Our data systems employ firewalled
routers and other protective measures.  All email messages, both inbound and
outbound, are scanned by two independent layers of virus detection.  Vital cus-
tomer data is backed up several times each day.  Our PayPal-based shopping
cart system utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for all transactions,
and is fully compliant with  PCI DSS requirements.  Our website is hosted from
redundant servers that are physically remote, and electrically isolated, from our
business offices.  Our website is scanned daily by  McAfee SECURE  (formerly
known as HACKER SAFE) to detect corruption and identify network vulnerabilities.
Their certification mark is displayed at the bottom of every page of this website.
These measures combine to provide effective protection of your personal data,
and to prevent any receptions or transmissions of destructive viruses or worms.

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