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Web Changes

01 July 2006 - International Order Changes
International Order Notice:  As of 01 July 2006, we will no longer accept international
order placement through our online shopping cart system.  The complexities of inter-
national shipping methods and freight costs make online order handling impractical.
If you wish to place an order for delivery outside of the United States, please contact
us by fax or telephone.  Payment must be made by credit card, and the specified de-
livery address must exactly match the credit card's monthly billing statement address,
unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  All international orders will
incur an upcharge for international freight costs and handling expenses, in addition to
our standard charges for domestic delivery.  Depending upon the weight and dimen-
sions of the shipping carton, the upcharge for orders shipping to Canada will typically
range between US$5 and US$20, and between $20 and $45 for every other country.
The customer remains responsible for payment of any customs duty, brokerage fees,
and value added taxes upon delivery.  Lithium batteries (except when packaged with
flashlights), infrared lighting devices, liquid chemical items, and products of the ASP
and MagLite brands cannot be shipped outside of the USA under any circumstances.

10 August 2004 - Scrolling Marquee Replaced
The scrolling informational marquee that was located within the
bottom border of each page has been replaced with fixed text.
Some web browser engines could not reproduce the marquee.

01 July 2004 - Product Lines Adjusted
The VersaLux product line section has been removed, because
only the ULM product remains (this item has been moved to the
Specialties section).  A new Tool Logic product line section has
been added, where further items will be listed (the TracLite item
has been moved there from the Specialties section).  All remain-
ing active products from the former CMG product line have been
converted to the Gerber name, and the section has been moved.

25 April 2004 - Discontinued Lines Removed
All of the product description web pages and related image files
from the previously discontinued Arc and SureFire product lines
have been entirely removed from the web site.  All references to
the obsolete pages have been removed from the Site Map.  This
adjustment frees resources for meaningful expansion of the web,
and improves processing intervals for publication and reindexing.

15 April 2004 - Manufacturer Info Added
A new data table has been added to Links page, which provides
customer service addresses and telephone numbers for most of
the manufacturers whose products are sold by our internet store.
This information can be used in those rare instances when it has
become necessary to return an item for factory service or repair.

10 April 2004 - Cost Of War Added
A new item has been added to this News page, which displays
a running total of the estimated monetary cost of the war in Iraq.
This information is provided for the education of our site visitors.
The display utilizes an imbedded JavaScript element, with links
to a remote web site that can be accessed for additional details.

30 January 2004 - Web Site Improved
The text content of every page has been analyzed and adjusted
to ensure that only web-safe (216-color palette) colors are used
throughout the site.  This may improve readability for some web
browsers and operating system platforms.  The size of the page
header has been dramatically reduced, so that less scrolling will
be required for access to navigation features and page contents.
Structure and content of the Home page have been reorganized.

25 December 2003 - Web Statistics Added
A new  Web Statistics  topic has been added to the News page.
This section lists interesting statistics regarding the web content,
including page counts, file and picture counts, and hyperlink stats.
The redundant Important Messages topic (provided on the Home
page) has been removed.  Load speed for this page is improved.
Preparations  are being made  for introduction  of the NightStar II
induction flashlight, our first non-battery renewable-energy device.

15 December 2003 - Beamshot Product Line Added
A new Beamshot section has been added to the Products page.
We are pleased to announce that we are now factory-authorized
for the Beamshot line of tactical flashlights.  Beamshot has long-
life LED and halogen tactical flashlights that are equally useful as
hand torches or when mounted to your favorite weapon.  The new
T804 & TH10 lights include both push-button and cable switches,
and are packaged in handsome black foam-lined storage cases.

30 November 2003 - SureFire Product Line Discontinued
SureFire has decided to terminate its wholesale distributor and
internet reseller relationships.  We will be discontinuing this pro-
duct line entirely when all of our existing inventory has been sold.
Any existing backorders will be shipped or refunded by Dec 31.
You can still visit SureFire's factory web site at http://surefire.com.

30 October 2003 - Arc Product Line Discontinued
Arc has decided to terminate its internet-based dealer relation-
ships, and may sell its products only through the factory web site
and brick-and-mortar retail stores.  We will discontinue this pro-
duct line entirely when all of our existing inventory has been sold.
You can still visit the factory's web site at http://arcflashlight.com.

05 October 2003 - Arc Product Line Added
A new Arc section has been added to the Products page.  We
are pleased to announce that we are now a factory-authorized
dealer for the Arc line of premium-quality LED flashlights.  Arc
products are highly prized for their sophisticated engineering,
exemplary performance, and unparalleled construction quality.

05 September 2003 - CMG Product Line Added
A new CMG section has been added to the Products page.  The
CMG line includes sophisticated LED & incandescent tent lights,
including the Phoenix motion detector light.  CMG's Reactor and
Infinity series flashlights are also presented.  Several new items
have been added to the Specialties section, and the Petra-Tek
mini-light and multi-light have been moved into their own section.

30 July 2003 - Business Account Pages Protected
Flashlights Unlimited provides custom web pages for business
accounts (both end users and resellers) who periodically make
quantity purchases of our products.  We have implemented full
username and password protection for each page, so that any
unauthorized access attempts will be rejected.  Existing users
must contact us for their new page locations.  We will assign a
username and password for each page, and multiple users are
allowed.  The logins may be changed as desired upon request.

30 June 2003 - Flashlight Application Notes Added
A new page has been added to provide discussions of various
applications for our products.  Technical details, advantages or
limitations, and suggestions for use may be described.  Please
note that Flashlights Unlimited will not be held liable for any use
or misuse of this information, nor for any damages, either direct
or consequential, resulting from purchase or use of our products.

01 Thru 15 June 2003 - Web Site Overhauled
Structural and content changes have been made throughout the
web site.  New products have been added to most pre-existing
lines, and several new lines have been added.  The Home and
Products pages have been reorganized and greatly enhanced.
Updated images have been provided for a number of products,
along with improved descriptions and additional feature details.

25 March 2003 - New Product Lines Added
Two new sections have been added to the Products page.  The
Specialty Items section has unique imported specialty flashlights
and hard-to-find accessories.  The SureFire section describes
selected models from their lineup of military-grade tactical lights.
The batteries section has been expanded with a wide selection
of button and coin cells, plus new brands for 3V lithium batteries.

10 March 2003 - LED Color Specifications Added
A new page has been added to provide color temperatures, color
wave lengths, and other LED specifications, for several brands of
flashlights that are available with multiple LED colors.  Links to this
information are provided in the relevant product description pages.
New output versus time comparison charts have been added to the
product description pages for Lightwave's models 2000 thru 4000.

25 February 2003 - Coleman Product Line Adjusted
Our Coleman product offerings have been adjusted.  Their battery
NightSight & Graphite flashlights have been removed, but several
powerful twin-tube fluorescent lanterns have been added.  Round
camp lanterns, and rectangular area lanterns, in both battery and
rechargeable models, plus a handy little krypton personal lantern.

25 January 2003 - Rigel Systems Product Line Added
We are proud to announce our newest factory-authorized product
line, the wonderful Rigel Systems astronomy flashlights.  These re-
markable flashlights are specifically designed for retention of night
vision, with a continuously-adjustable brightness feature.  They use
a single nine-volt battery for one or two pairs of LEDs.  Water- and
impact-resistant housing has O-ring seals and LED protector lens.

30 December 2002 - Streamlight Product Line Added
The unique Streamlight ClipMate clip-on flashlight has been added
to our web site.  It is our first product offering from the Streamlight
line of professional quality flashlights.  We will add other models in
the near future, including units suitable for hazardous environments.

20 December 2002 - ASP Elite Models Added
The new Elite series miniature wearable clip-on lights by ASP have
been added to our web site.  These new models use a replaceable
battery pack, and have electronic switching that provides constant
on, flashing, and SOS emergency modes.  The Aspen (White LED),
Navigator (Red LED), and Sapphire (Blue LED) are now available
in Elite versions, and replacement Power Pak modules are in stock.

05 December 2002 - Inova X5 Price Reduced
Due to a change in distribution channels, we are able to reduce the
price of new orders for the Inova X5 flashlights by another $5 each.
Our price is now $10 below the suggested retail price for this item!
Our delivery interval for the X5 flashlights has also been improved.

30 November 2002 - PayPal Money Back Guarantee
We are pleased to announce that PayPal has granted Money Back
Guarantee account status to Flashlights Unlimited.  For just a small
additional fee, PayPal will guarantee your satisfaction with products
you purchase from us, or return the items to PayPal within thirty days
and your money will be refunded.  This is your additional guarantee
that we are a trusted business with a reputation for quality products.

30 November 2002 - MagLite Product Line Added
The Mini MagLite 2AA product line has been added to our web site.
Heavy-duty precision-made pocket flashlights in a variety of colors.
Upgrade yours to LED operation with the new MagmaLED module.
Additional MagLite models will be introduced periodically until their
entire product line is represented, hopefully before mid-December.

10 November 2002 - Web Root Path Adjusted
The server root path of the Flashlights Unlimited web site has been
adjusted.  This change eliminates the appearance of content from
our sister site, edensgardens.com, in searches of the FU web, but
users will not be affected otherwise.  Publication of changes to the
FU web site is now faster, and will not disturb our sister site's files. 

10 November 2002 - PALight Selector Series Added
The new Selector model has been added to our PALight product
line.  It is much like the OneStar, but has a USA flag logo instead
of the custom star logo.  A lanyard is not included with this model.

30 October 2002 - ASP Mirage Series Added
The new Mirage models have been added to our ASP product line.
These have transparent plastic cases, with matching colored LEDs.
Six bright case colors available.  Lower cost than ASP's metal units.

20 October 2002 - Flashlight Selection Guide Added
With all of our recent product line additions, there are now literally
dozens of flashlight and headlamp models to choose from on our
web site.  In order to simplify your flashlight selection process, we
have added a new Flashlight Selection Guide page.  It is designed
to help you to determine the best models for your specific applica-
tions by form factor and/or battery type, and also by price.  Quick
links to the individual product description pages are provided by
handy More Info buttons.  The main Products index page now has
a new link button for the Flashlight Selection Guide.  You'll also find
that this is an excellent resource when choosing gifts for birthday
or holiday giving, with listings of the sizes and colors and prices.

15 October 2002 - Two Product Lines Added
As we continue to expand our product offerings, we always search
for the very best products in each category.  We bring you only the
most trusted brand names.  We are proud to announce that we now
carry Princeton Tec's LED headlamps and dive-capable flashlights.
We have also added the entire line of Lightwave multi-LED torches
and headlamps, and their excellent miniature LED pocket flashlight.
We are selling all of these outstanding items at below-retail prices!

10 October 2002 - Customer Survey Page Added
In order to improve our web site content, product lineup, customer
service, and Newsletter offerings, we have added a Survey page.
Customers can complete the simple form in just a minute or two,
and submit important feedback and comments that will help us to
meet their needs.  Links to the new page have been provided at
key locations in the web site, and also at shopping cart checkout.
The Feedback form has also been improved and expanded, and
now matches the Survey form in both structure and appearance.

05 October 2002 - Flashlights Unlimited Logo Products
Thanks to our exciting new relationship with CafePress, we are now
able to offer a wide variety of top-quality promotional items that have
been imprinted with the beautiful Flashlights Unlimited logo.  Several
new links have been added to the Products page that open separate
windows with the CafePress shopping cart.  The promo items have
been broken into six categories (Apparel, Bags, Caps, Mugs, etc.).

10 September 2002 - Coleman Product Line Added
We have added several items from the respected Coleman product
line, providing specialized lighting devices for camping, hiking, and
other outdoor activities.  Coleman product pages are now available.
Most of our Coleman units have fluorescent or incandescent lamps.
The item numbering and general organization of our battery products
has been changed, and several new battery items have been added.

05 September 2002 - Inova Product Line Added
After searching extensively for the optimum tactical flashlight, we've
chosen the Inova X5 series.  A new product page has been added
for these rugged, high-performance, five-LED cylindrical flashlights.
Built to last, the X5 is crush-proof & water-proof.  Available with four
LED colors, and in two case anodize colors.  Includes two three-volt
lithium batteries and a nylon holster.  And we sell them $5 below list!

30 August 2002 - ASP Product Line Added
After searching extensively for the perfect key-chain flashlight, we've
chosen ASP.  New product pages have been added for the Aspen
(white light), Navigator (red light), and original Sapphire (blue light)
units, and our initial inventory has been ordered so that we can ship
directly from local stock.  ASP's specialized Duty, Patriot, and Talon
models are also available.  You'll love these great clip-on flashlights!

30 August 2002 - Navigation Bar Structure Changed
The structure and organization of the web site have been adjusted,
to provide a more logical and consistent arrangement of products.
The colors and styles of the navigation buttons have been modified.
Secondary topic navigation bars have been added to master pages,
so that users can get to the exact information they want more quickly.

25 August 2002 - Order Info Topics Added
A new Privacy Policy topic has been added to the Order Info page.  We
have always respected the privacy of our customers, and the security of
their personal information.  This new topic describes our policy in detail.
A new Returns Policy topic has also been added.  In the unlikely event
that you need to return merchandise, instructions are provided therein.

20 August 2002 - Remote Hyperlink Modes Changed
All links to external web sites have been changed, so that their pages
are automatically opened in a new window.  This eliminates the need
to hit the browser's Back button to return to the Flashlights Unlimited
web, and allows both our site and the remote site to be viewed simul-
taneously by the user.  This same change has been applied to down-
loadable documents, such as product manuals.  All image thumbnails
have been similarly adjusted, to open the full-sized pictures into new
windows.  Simply close the extra picture windows when done viewing.

15 August 2002 - Order Info Topics Added
A new PayPal Merchant topic has been added to the Order Info page.
It describes PayPal services, and provides a link to verification details
for Flashlights Unlimited.  A new Gift Wrapping topic has been added
to the Order Info page, as well.  It describes our new professional gift
wrap service, and provides Add To Cart buttons needed for ordering.

10 August 2002 - PALight Product Line Updated
The entire PALight product line has been updated.  Changes to avail-
able case colors have been incorporated, and product pictures have
been replaced to show the current line.  Prices for the alternate color
LED models (Red, Green, Blue) have been lowered.  Several excel-
lent new accessories have been added, and several obsolete ones
have been removed.  The new PALight Accessories page has been
added, providing thumbnailed pictures of these handy add-on items.
The downloadable Order Form has also been updated, and product
page links and structures have been revised throughout the web site.

05 August 2002 - Back Order System Implemented
Some flashlight and accessory products are not retained in our local
inventory (due to lower purchase volumes), but are procured from the
factory on demand, or may be drop shipped directly to the customer.
The difference in delivery intervals between stock and back ordered
items is usually about one week.  The product description and com-
parison pages now clearly indicate non-stock items, with yellow but-
tons in place of white Add To Cart buttons for those products.  Each
product's pricing matrix is followed by a brief explanatory paragraph.

30 July 2002 - Software Links Topic Added
A new Software Links topic has been added to the Links page.  It pro-
vides hyperlinks to the download pages of several software publishers.
Many of them are for web browser enhancements and applets that you
may need for optimum use of this or other websites.  Others have been
included because you may need them to protect your computer system
or network from intrusion or corruption.  All of the links yield high quality
resources from respected providers, as used by Flashlights Unlimited.

20 June 2002 - Products Page List Reorganized
The list of items on the Products page has been reorganized to better
categorize product lines.  The VersaLux and Zzz... products have been
segregated from the EternaLight product line.  The Site Map page has
also been updated, to reflect  the adjusted Products page bookmarks.

15 June 2002 - Two New Pages Added
Two new pages have been added to the website.  A new Links page
includes our Business Links listings (formerly on the News page) and
Hosting Information section (previously on the Site Map page).  We've
also added an entirely new Search page that provides a powerful and
flexible method for finding the information you need on our website.  It
is extremely easy to use, and complete results are listed on the same
page.  It also offers detailed instructions and examples, designed to
help you construct sophisticated nested and layered lookup queries.
The navigation bars and Site Map page have also been updated to
include the two new pages, and additional bookmarks are provided.

10 June 2002 - Business Links Topic Added
The new Business Links topic has been added to this News page.  It
lists companies that we have come to know and trust because we've
worked directly with their owners over many years.  If you need any of
the products or services they offer, your total satisfaction is assured.

30 May 2002 - New Battery Pages Added
Separate product detail pages have been added for nine-volt alkaline
and lithium batteries that are used as replacements for PALight brand
flashlights.  Thumbnailed pictures and full engineering specs are now
available for the 9V Energizer batteries, just as they are for AA types.
A nifty simulation of the Zzz...Lite color changing light has been added
to the Zzz...Lite and Zzz...Flame pages, so that you can see it in action.

25 May 2002 - Lower Lithium Battery Prices
Prices for our Energizer Lithium AA replacement batteries have been
substantially reduced (by $2 per set), thanks to higher quantity buying.
Now you can upgrade any Classic, Ergo, or Rave'n series EternaLight
with both leather or nylon clip case and lithium batteries, for under $25.
Links have been added to our battery product pages, so you can down-
load engineering data documents directly from the Energizer web site.

20 May 2002 - Prices And Shipping Charges
Prices for all of our Energizer Alkaline replacement batteries have been
substantially reduced (by 15% to 33%), thanks to higher quantity buying.
Our shipping and handling charges have also been reduced, for orders
of $50 or more, thanks to new improvements in our shipping technology.
Both the online shopping cart and our downloadable Order Form reflect
the new lower prices and charges, so you save no matter how you order.

20 May 2002 - Web Site Feature Updates
The downloadable Order Form has been updated, to provide additional
information regarding payment policies, and to reflect our new website
domain.  Internal coding of the new website pages has been optimized.
Conversion of images to thumbnails within the individual product pages
has been completed, resulting in dramatically faster page load intervals,
and providing click-to-enlarge features (see Usage Note 15 May 2002).

20 May 2002 - Link Hover Buttons Replaced
The hover button applet, previously used for the navigation bar buttons,
has been eliminated to reduce the potential for page loading problems
that can result from firewall restrictions and obsolete browser versions.
The flashy-color hover buttons have been replaced with simple images.
This change may also improve site indexing with some search engines.

15 May 2002 - New Domain And Hosting
Our original website was hosted with free services provided by the ATTBI
(AT&T Broadband) internet service provider.  This new website is hosted
under our company domain name, with services provided by LFC Hosting.
The new site provides additional features, utilizing technologies that were
not available from the free hosting service.  Our original website remains
active, but has been converted to provide automatic address redirection.

10 May 2002 - Web Site Feature Updates
The format and structure of the web navigation bars has been improved and
expanded.  A handy new Feedback Form has been added to the web site,
providing a quick and easy way for you to send us questions or comments.
The new Site Map feature provides a complete set of topic links for the site.

05 May 2002 - Online Ordering And Payment
We are extremely pleased to announce that secure online order processing
with the PayPal system has been implemented for the entire web site.  Our
many fine products can be purchased quickly and easily over your internet
connection, using your credit or debit card.  The PayPal system is among
the most trusted in the industry, serving more than two million businesses.

20 April 2002 - New Product Line Added
The PALight series of dependable, low-cost LED flashlights is being added
to our quality products lineup.  These small handy flashlights use a single 9V
alkaline battery, and they are splash resistant and extremely shock resistant.
An always-on mode makes them easy to find in the dark.  Like our other fine
flashlights, they are protected by the manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty.
The PALight Comparisons page provides pricing and feature comparisons.

05 April 2002 - New Products And Features
The new EternaLight EliteMarine heavy-duty flashlight  and the EternaLight
Lanyard have been added to the Products page and downloadable Order
Form.  A new visitor Hit Counter has been added to the Home page.  A new
EternaLight Comparisons page provides pricing and feature comparisons.

25 March 2002 - New Products And Features
The exciting new Zzz...Flame light (an alternate version of the Zzz...Lite)
has been added to the Products page, and a separate description page
with pictures is also available.  The downloadable Order Form has been
updated, and is being prepared for upcoming credit/debit card features.

20 March 2002 - Web Site Appearance Updates
The vertical spacing between page elements has been compressed, so
the pages are easier to read and require less scroll bar action to navigate.
Other user suggestions for appearance and usefulness were implemented.
We thank our beta users for their time and effort, and helpful suggestions.

15 March 2002 - Web Site Content Updates
Individual product descriptions and web page titles have been improved.
The multi-image product animation has been added to all page headers.
Copyright note has been replaced with a scrolling web site info marquee.
Hyperlinks to web pages and files have been enhanced, and more added.

10 March 2002 - New Web Site Activation
Flashlights Unlimited activated its exciting new retail products web site.
Unique lighting products from Technology Associates Inc are described
in detail, along with color pictures and downloadable operating guides.
Instructions and printable order form are provided for easy mail orders.

05 March 2002 - Web Site Content Notes
Most of the images and documents, and some of the descriptive text
used in this web site, were provided by Technology Associates Inc of
Sparks Nevada.  The Order Form was designed by Floyd R Hacker,
who also developed this web site using Microsoft Front Page 2000.

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Usage Notes

10 May 2002 - Navigation Hover Button Problems
The hover buttons on the navigation bars may not display properly
with some earlier versions of Internet Explorer, if the local system
has been set for 32-bit (True Color) display rendition.  To resolve
this problem, upgrade your Microsoft Internet Explorer application
and Microsoft Virtual Machine extension to the latest versions, or
reduce the display's color resolution to 16-bit (High Color) setting.

05 May 2002 - Image And Object Errors
Some internet firewall programs can be configured to prevent the
loading of animated images and videos, locally-resident cookies,
script code, and embedded objects.  Those restrictions may pre-
vent correct displays of certain items in the Flashlights Unlimited
web site, notably the Hit Counter and Feedback Form elements.
You may want to leave the firewall settings as they are, to ensure
maximum security for your computer system, unless they prevent
you from using our online shopping cart and payment processing,
or unless navigation buttons and other page content are missing.
If you experience this problem, you may also need to delete inter-
net temporary files in order to restore any pages that have failed.

05 April 2002  -  Occasional Page Load Errors
Some users have experienced page load errors while navigating
the web site.  These errors may be due to host server congestion.
Please click your browser's Refresh button to reload failed pages.
This entire web site is thoroughly tested at least once each week,
and there are no known broken page links or missing image files.
If you find any images or page links that will not load after at least
three retries, please send detailed message to the webmaster at
webmaster@flashlightsunlimited.com, or use the Feedback page.

15 March 2002  -  Expected Page Load Intervals
At 28.8kbps modem speed, some of the product description pages
may take 1-1/2 to 2 minutes to load all available pictures.  The other
pages in this site should load within less than one minute per page.
If you experience slower load times, the servers may be congested.

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