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            The business offices of  Flashlights Unlimited have been temporarily closed
            due to medical reasons, but will reopen on  Thursday, February 8th.  All your
            existing orders are backlogged, but all will be fulfilled as quickly as possible.
            You can place new orders online, and they will likely be delayed, but you can
            call us with any urgent needs.  We sincerely thank you for your kind patience
            as we recover normal business operations and  typical processing intervals!

            See our full line of specialty lights for OAP fluorescent coatings inspection. Click here.
            Check out the latest INOVA series T flashlights, including the USB rechargeable T4R.
            Got bulbs?  Find popular bulbs for MagLite, Princeton Tec, and Streamlight flashlights.
            Also visit our Discounts page for wonderful deals on nylon holsters and krypton bulbs.
            Do you need replacement bulbs for your Himalayan salt (pink rock) lamps? Click here.

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Important Messages

To shop for flashlights or headlamps click here:  Products 

To view your shopping cart contents click here: 
To search our web site for keywords click here:  Search 

A handy list of brands and models is provided on the Lines & Models Quick List page.
If you already know what you want, it's the fast way to get there.  For general browsing,
try the Products page, a complete visual guide, with descriptions of everything we sell
(this page may take up to one minute or more to load, over slower dialup connections).
Don't miss the new Specialties section, with unique flashlights and handy accessories.
Be sure to check out our special offers and package deals on the News and Discounts
pages.  Our Flashlight Selection Guide awaits you, a great way to choose a perfect gift.
It lists dozens of flashlight and headlamp models by form factor, battery type, and price.

Want to navigate our site in a hurry?  Every page has handy navigation bars at top and
bottom.  The multi-layer bars have topic heading links in parentheses.  Press Ctrl with
Home or Ctrl with End to jump to the top or bottom of any page, and then use the bars
Or try our powerful Site Map, which provides instant links to every page in the web site.
No frames, no flash, no pop-ups.  Just clean navigation and lots of expandable images.

If you have visited us before, please be sure to click your web browser Refresh button
on every page.  Otherwise, you could overlook our newest products and latest prices.
We frequently add new models, and we offer special sales that you don't want to miss.
If your last visit was more than a week ago, there are likely to be a number of changes.
Your web browser may show you obsolete page versions if you don't click on Refresh.

Do you have a technical question regarding our products or battery-operated lighting?
Just complete our simple Feedback Form to get the information or answers you need.
Or choose from a list of clickable email address links in our Contact Information area.
We try to reply to most requests within twenty-four hours or less, even over weekends.

Flashlights Unlimited periodically posts updates to the Twitter micro-blogging website.
Visit our handsome new Twitter Updates web page to see our most recent tweets (the
page requires Adobe Flash Player 9 or later).  Or just click here to follow us on Twitter.

Heavy-duty tactical flashlights for military and law enforcement personnel.  Ergonomic
hand-held flashlights for household emergency uses.  Versatile headlamps for hikers,
cave explorers, and night-time mechanics.  Specialty infrared and ultraviolet lamps for
scientists and technicians.  And great toys for kids (from 7 to 70).  We've got them all!
Join our happy customers, from all fifty states, plus more than 3 dozen other countries.

Are you looking for hard-to-find specialty batteries for electronic or lighting equipment?
Let us assist you.  Call us, or email us, or use our Feedback Form to request the items
you need.  If they are still in production, we will locate a source for them.  We'll create a
special shopping cart item so that you can order them from our web site, and we'll get
them delivered to your door.  Carbon/zinc, alkaline, lithium, rechargeable, you name it.
Note that minimum quantities and/or extended delivery times may apply to some types.

Do you need large numbers of small flashlights at low prices?  For promotional gifts or
special event hand-outs?  You've come to the right place.  We can supply hundreds or
thousands of miniature LED flashlights, with prices starting at under two dollars each!
Not junk, but quality key-chain lights that will last for years.  Call or email us for details.

Do you love Inova brand flashlights as much as we do?  If so, you've come to the right
place.  No other internet retailer offers a wider variety of quality Inova brand flashlights
and accessories than Flashlights Unlimited.  And with seven stocking distribution cen-
ters for Inova products located across the country, our model availability is unbeatable.

Did you know that we can now offer custom laser engraving for most of our aluminum-
cased flashlight models?  ASP, Beamshot, Inova, MagLite.  Single units, or hundreds!
We can provide low prices and fast deliveries, whenever you need really special gifts
for the special people in your life, or for those important customers.  Contact us today.

Do you have a passion for Purple?  We can satisfy your cravings, with flashlights that
have beautiful purple or violet cases, and even some that provide a purple light beam!
Check out our ASP, MagLite, and Photon product lines today for your dose of purple.
We also have InfraRed, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, and UltraViolet.

Do you need wholesale pricing for resale operations, or are you an industrial or com-
mercial or military supplier seeking quantity discounts?  We can provide substantial
volume discounts for most of the brands we represent.  We can drop ship to multiple
end user locations, either using packing lists that you provide by fax or email, or with
generic unpriced packing lists that hide our involvement and protect your investment
in customer development.  We can create custom password-protected pages on our
website, so that you can login anytime to purchase the items you need most often, at
your negotiated discount prices.  Few other online providers can match our services.

Are your ordering to ship to an unconfirmed address, or one that does not match your
credit card billing address?  If so, enter your billing address, exactly as it appears on
your monthly statement, into the PayPal entry window.  Then list the desired shipping
address, along with your telephone number, in the Message area when you complete
the checkout process.  This will avoid additional delays when processing your orders.
Otherwise, we will be unable to ship until we have verified all of your billing information.

If you experience any problems during checkout, with the entry or acceptance of your
credit or debit card information, you can call PayPal Customer Service for assistance.
The customer service telephone number for all Personal accounts is 1-402-935-2050.
Business and Premier account members can call PayPal toll-free at 1-888-221-1161.

International Order Notice:  As of 01 September 2007, the PayPal shopping cart has
been updated to provide estimated charges for international delivery.  In some cases
our actual freight costs will be higher than the estimated amount added by the PayPal
shopping cart, in these cases will notify you by email and provide instructions for pay-
ment of the required upcharge amount.  If our actual costs are substantially lower than
the shopping cart estimate, we will issue a refund for the difference at the time of ship-
ment.  Customers in Canada and Mexico may have two choices of shipping methods
for orders, customers in most other countries will be offered only one delivery method.
The customer remains responsible for payment of any customs duty, brokerage fees,
and value added taxes upon delivery.  Lithium batteries (except when packaged with
flashlights), infrared lighting devices, liquid chemical items, and products of the ASP
and MagLite brands cannot be shipped outside of the USA under any circumstances.
These restrictions are shown in "Not For Export" notes listed with each affected item.

This house ... is clean.  Just so that you know, we force updates to our virus detection
definitions on a daily basis.  Every incoming and outgoing email message is scanned
for infections.  We operate well-tuned firewall systems, and we aggressively seek out
and destroy those obnoxious adware and spyware programs.  We abhor pop-up ads,
and we do not allow them on our web sites or those of our business link partners.  The
integrity and security of our data management and communications systems, and the
protection of your information, are imperative to the continuing growth of our business.
See our Privacy Policy  for details about our strict control of your personal information.

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Product Announcements

The latest and most versatile tactical flashlights we offer are the stunning new Inova
INFORCE Color and INFORCE White series.  Packed with the most sophisticated
features in the industry, these light-weight instruments combine powerful output and
reliable performance at remarkably low cost.  Designed specifically for military use,
the INFORCE torches have rugged carbon fiber composite bodies that defy abuse.
Perfectly matched quick-release weapon mounts and remote cable switches make
these flashlights quickly adaptable to any combat or tactical operation requirement.
For a limited time, we are offering Free Shipping for these amazing new flashlights.

Looking for the perfect gift?  Check out the superlative new ICON Rogue flashlights.
These handsome designer flashlights have rugged anodized aluminum bodies with
a unique open frame design. Two brightness settings are provided by a proprietary
microprocessor regulation system that delivers maximum output each time you turn
on the light.  These waterproof flashlights are packed with features you expect from
premium tactical torches, but with a bold new look and feel that will change the way
you think about flashlights.  They look great, and work great, anywhere and anytime.

 ICON Rogue 1 ICON Rogue 1                       Princeton Tec Apex Princeton Tec Apex                       Astro Arm Mercury Astro Arm

Our latest headlamp entry is the superlative Princeton Tec Apex.  Both powerful and
sophisticated, the Apex offers an incredible array of features and performance.  Use
its three-Watt super-high-flux LED for long-distance viewing, or the four conventional
high-brightness LEDs for wide-area up-close work.  The rear-mounted battery pack
uses four AA batteries (alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable).  Hot features include four
brightness settings, flasher mode, power regulation, and an electronic battery meter.

Check out the amazing new Astro Arm flashlight and instrument holders, now in stock
for immediate delivery.  Available in two sizes, and two mounting configurations, with
your choice of a spring clamp or magnetic base, these versatile high-quality devices
aim the light just where you need it, freeing your hands to attend to the tasks at hand.

The new Flashware quick-release arm band systems are the ultimate accessories for
hands-free use of small hand torches and tactical flashlights up to 1" in diameter.  Two
different kits are available, one with a tool tether and two bungee cords plus a special
belt unit for even greater versatility.  Flashware is an indispensable accessory system
for utility repairmen and technicians, bridge inspectors and painters, and anyone who 
needs to illuminate workspaces or carry tools and instruments in above ground areas.

 Deep Purple Flashlight Deep Purple Flashlight            Deep Purple Lantern Deep Purple Lantern            Elvex Filter Glasses Filter Glasses

Flashlights Unlimited is the world's first and foremost provider of low-cost and portable
lighting devices for the visual inspection of OAP (Optically Active Pigment) fluorescent
coatings.  Our product lineup includes small light-weight hand torches (in both battery-
operated and rechargeable models), and large-format lanterns for speedier coverage
of large surface areas.  These highly-specialized instruments provide improved safety
and greater convenience when compared to conventional ultraviolet inspection lamps.
Click here  to see our complete line of Deep Purple inspection lights and accessories.

Do you need a dual-color flashlight, with adjustable brightness?  We suggest the out-
standing Rigel Systems Flashlights.  Designed for astronomers, but excellent for any
application that demands retention of night vision.  Compact yet powerful, with a host
of fine features.  Water-resistant, and they float.  9V battery and lanyard are included.
New Blue Starlite and Blue Skylite models are custom built for Flashlights Unlimited.
Several other fine Rigel Systems instruments are also available, including the handy
QuikFinder reflex sight, PulsGuide eyepiece illuminator, and nFOCUS motor control.

The latest dual-mode versions of INOVA's venerable series X torches are now readily
available.  These handsome instruments deliver excellent beams with high lumen-per-
watt ratios, thanks to newly engineered reflectors.  And their law enforcement cousins,
the powerful, rugged and handsome INOVA models T1, T2, and T3 are also available.
INOVA's  blazing new T4R rechargeable and T5 lithium tactical flashlights deliver 303
and 456 lumens respectively, with 3 power levels  plus strobe.  We offer the industry's
widest array of parts and accessories for the incomparable T4 rechargeable systems.

 INOVA XO3 - Titanium INOVA X2, INOVA XO3            INOVA T5 INOVA T4R, INOVA T5            INOVA T3R INOVA T3R

INOVA's most exciting new product is the remarkable T3R flashlight system. Although
it delivers a blinding 234 lumens, it is both smaller and lighter than its big brother T4R
rechargeable flashlight.  And the T3R is INOVA's first flashlight that can be recharged
from a standard USB port (not to worry, it also includes AC and DC charger modules).

Have you been looking for an effective flashlight for forensic applications, with a price
tag that won't break the annual budget?  Try the outstanding DFS Forensic Flashlight
, which include matching filter viewing glasses.  The flashlights incorporate unique
lens systems that deliver incredibly smooth light, without rings or dropouts or hotspots.
These superlative instruments are available with ultraviolet, blue, blue/green, or green
beam spectra.  Save even more with the handy two-, three-, and four-light combo kits.

Got bulbs?  Flashlights Unlimited is one of the internet's most popular sources for all
versions of genuine MagLite brand flashlight bulbs. Our stock is fresh, our prices are
reasonable, and we offer the industry's most comprehensive MagLite bulb data table
to help you select the correct bulb for your flashlight.  We also have hard-to-find bulbs
for the ASP Triad, the Beamshot TH10, and many of the popular Streamlight models.

For some time now, we've sold the fine Cyalume single-use chemical lightsticks, and
they're really great whenever you need an unbreakable temporary or emergency light
source.  But now we have an exciting new alternative: Glo-Toob electronic lightsticks.
Available in original on/off or new special-effects models.  Three LEDs in your choice
of five bright colors or two infrared wavelengths.  Water-proof, shock-proof and crush-
proof.  Versatile, reusable 360° lightsticks, with a handy stainless steel mounting ring.

 LightStorm CL1 LightStorm CL1                     LightStorm SL1 LightStorm SL1                     Montane Squid X Montane Squid X

The latest product from the folks who brought you NightStar is the new LightStorm CL1
crank flashlight, their versatile multi-LED crank-up flashlight with phone/player charger.
Like all of the fine NightStar and LightStorm products, the new CL1 won't let you down,
because it has no batteries whatsoever.  And it has a big brother, the LightStorm SL1,
with additional features for emergency situations, including a red beacon flasher mode.
The multi-mode SL1 is a must-have tool for every automobile and recreational vehicle.

The Montane Squid X is the most wonderful little LED tent light we have ever seen.  It's
extremely versatile, and incredibly long-running for its small size, with three wide-angle
LEDs mounted on individual flexible branches.  The price has been reduced, and now
we install free alkaline batteries, so your Squid is ready to run right out of the package.

We offer discount pricing for incomparable INOVA X1 and INOVA X5 LED flashlights,
and we ship them the next business day.  We have the hard to find color LED models.
These powerful, virtually indestructible  flashlights  are among our most popular items.
The unique INOVA 24/7 SmartBright is on sale as well, volume discounts are available.
We also cut prices for the amazing Photon Fusion convertible headlamp and flashlight.

 INOVA X5 INOVA X5                        INOVA 24/7 SmartBright INOVA 24/7                        INOVA MicroLight INOVA MicroLight

Do you need a powerful but portable ultraviolet lamp?  The majority of stationary and
portable ultraviolet lamps are both expensive and bulky, and utilize costly fluorescent
tubes that generate excess heat, can be broken easily, and require periodic replace-
ment. But the INOVA X5 UltraViolet is both small and durable, the perfect UV solution
for everything from laboratory and workshop applications to currency strip verification.
This superb new instrument is now available from stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Do you have a favorite old Coleman fluorescent lantern that needs new tubes or other
spare parts?  Click here  to see our easy-to-use listings of popular models.  For many
of these, we offer low-cost cool white and warm white color tubes (that offer improved
appearance for food and flesh tones), in addition to factory brand daylight color tubes.
And we have hard-to-find batteries for the Twin-Tube and Retro rechargeable lanterns
(you cannot get these batteries  from the factory, but we always have very fresh stock).

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Company Profile

Flashlights Unlimited is an internet-based retailer of advanced technology flashlights
and specialty personal lighting products.  We offer a broad selection of top-quality
LED flashlights and headlamps, plus all of the accessories and batteries you'll
need.  See our new Flashlight Selection Guide for a quick overview.

Browse through colorful Products pages to learn about the many outstanding features
of these amazing lighting devices.  We provide detailed specifications for all of our
products, and feature comparison charts for some.  You can click on most of the
product pictures to get an expanded view in a separate window.

See the Order Info page for details about order placement, payment terms, shipping
methods, and our new gift wrapping service.  We announce exciting Special Offers
periodically, so be sure to check both the News page and the Discounts page.
Our prices are well below the manufacturer's resale for many items.

Many of our flashlight models and accessory items are usually in stock, and available
for immediate shipment; others typically ship within two weeks.  Stock items usually
ship the next business day after receipt and verification of payment.  We provide
rapid order processing, and fast delivery via UPS or Priority Mail. 

Flashlights Unlimited offers secure online shopping using the PayPal system, which
lets you pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank account.  We also accept
personal checks, company checks, or money orders as payment methods, so
you can place orders by phone, fax, and postal mail or internet mail.

Flashlights Unlimited is a PayPal Verified merchant.  You can check out quickly
and securely with your PayPal account, or use your credit/debit card or echeck.

 Official PayPal Seal            PayPal Acceptance Mark

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to become a leading direct sales and internet dealer of high-tech LED
flashlights, accessories and batteries, and other unique specialty lighting products.
We intend to achieve this goal by providing only the very finest quality new products,
combined with competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service and support.

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Who Are We?

Flashlights Unlimited operates as a sole proprietorship.  Owner Floyd Hacker is
both developer of the Flashlights Unlimited web site, and primary operator of the
internet store.  However, a business of this scope never results from the efforts of
just one individual.  The "we" comprises an expanding group of carefully selected
manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and specialized service providers.  Each
of our business partners has been chosen for the proven quality of their products,
and for their outstanding histories of consistently superlative service and support.

Flashlights Unlimited engages in frequent personal contact with every one of our
product suppliers.  You're not just another client to us, and we're not just another
account to them.  Our business partners are our trusted friends, and we regularly
exchange information and ideas with them.  These relationships help us to bring
you the very finest new lighting products, and deliver unparalleled customer care.

Flashlights Unlimited is a factory authorized dealer for the following fine products:
Astro Arm flashlight positioning devices - from T2T, Inc. of Everett, Washington.
Beamshot tactical weapon lights - from the Beamshot division of Quarton, Inc.
Coast flashlights & headlamps - from Coast Products, Inc. of Portland, Oregon.
DFS forensic flashlight kits and forensic testing accessories - from Doje's, Inc.
EternaLight smart LED flashlights - from EternaLights, LLC of Defiance, Iowa
Flashware systems and accessories - from Flashware Products of California
Head-Lite halogen light hats - from the Head-Lite division of Boss Mfg. Co.
ICON™ designer logo flashlights - from ICON of Fountain Valley. California
Infiniter laser pointers and lights - from the Infiniter division of Quarton, Inc.
INFORCE™ brand flashlights - from Emissive Energy Corp. of Rhode Island
INOVA™ flashlights and accessories - from Nite Ize, Inc. of Boulder Colorado
L-Cap red laser pointer tailcaps - from L-Cap Laser, Inc. of Bremen, Indiana
Light:Night specialty lights - from Emphasis Products of Seattle, Washington
LightStorm™ magneto flashlights - from Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc.
MiniBeam flashlights - from American Ingenuity, LLC of Baltimore, Maryland
Montane Squid flex-arm tent lights - from Montane, Inc. of Portland, Oregon
NightStar™ induction flashlights - from Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc.
Nitech military & specialty flashlights - from Nitech of East Sussex, England
PaddlePak holders - from Lloyds Electronics of Jamestown, North Dakota
PALight flashlights - from the PALights division of Safe-Light Industries, LLC
Photon mini flashlights and Fusion headlamps - from LRI of Blachly, Oregon
Princeton Tec™ flashlights & headlamps - from Princeton Tec of New Jersey
QuiqLite pocket flashlights - from QuiqLite, Inc. of Santa Barbara, California
Rigel Systems astronomy tools and lights - from Rigel Systems of California
Safe-Light flashlights - from Safe-Light Industries, LLC of Surrey, England
Smith & Wesson flashlights - from PowerTech, Inc. of Collierville, Tennessee
Smith & Wesson knives - from Taylor Brands, LLC of Kingsport, Tennessee
TerraLUX LED modules and work lights - from TerraLUX, Inc. of Colorado
VersaLux LED lighting modules - from EternaLights, LLC of Defiance, Iowa
WaveLight flashlights - from Wavenet, Inc of Rancho Dominguez, California
Xenopus Electronix ultraviolet flashlights - from Xenopus Electronix of Texas
Zzz... multi-color sleep aid lamps - from EternaLights, LLC of Defiance, Iowa

Our other product lines are provided through several major wholesale distribution
channels, allowing us to provide both discounted pricing and fast order turnaround
for a broad selection of quality models.  Our special focus on LED flashlights and
headlamps has enabled us  to become one of the internet's  most comprehensive
resources for technical information on these amazing personal lighting instruments.

Flashlights Unlimited provides all of its electronic payment processing via PayPal,
one of the largest services of its kind.  PayPal also provides the core technologies
for our customized electronic shopping cart features.  The seamless integration of
shopping cart and payment systems enable rapid implementation of new products,
while PayPal's outstanding security virtually eliminates credit fraud.  These factors
have helped Flashlights Unlimited to maintain low prices and superlative customer
care, resulting in consistent growth that allows us to continue improving our service.

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Contact Information

Telephone Number
Our telephone hours are noon to midnight Eastern time, seven days a week.
You can leave a message if the line is busy, or if outside our business hours.

Fax Number
Unsolicited fax advertising (or fax spam) is a violation of Federal regulations.
Violators may be reported and prosecuted, resulting in substantial penalties.
If you send fax spam to us, we will publish your info to a list of known senders.
To see a list of some companies who have sent spam faxes to us, click here.

Postal Address
Flashlights Unlimited
416 Mapmaker Lane
Savannah GA 31410-2062
Internet Addresses
General Information: info@flashlightsunlimited.com
Retail & Wholesale: sales@flashlightsunlimited.com
Customer Service: service@flashlightsunlimited.com
Technical Support: support@flashlightsunlimited.com
International Sales: overseas@flashlightsunlimited.com
Payments & Refunds: paypal@flashlightsunlimited.com
Newsletters: newsletters@flashlightsunlimited.com
Web Master: webmaster@flashlightsunlimited.com
Link Requests: links@flashlightsunlimited.com
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Home----( Important Messages )----( Product Announcements )----( Company Profile )
Home----( Mission Statement )----( Who Are We? )----( Contact Information )

Home Products  Order Info News  Feedback Links  Search Site Map

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