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  Alkaline AA Batteries

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Products----( Batteries )----[ Alkaline AA Batteries ]

 Alkaline AA Batteries - Consumer  Alkaline AA Batteries - Consumer  Alkaline AA Batteries - Consumer        Alkaline AA Batteries - Industrial  Alkaline AA Batteries - Industrial  Alkaline AA Batteries - Industrial  

Images of the Energizer E91 and Energizer EN91 Alkaline AA Batteries


Energizer Alkaline Max or equivalent batteries, in snap-lock bags or boxes.
Long-life replacements for all Ergo, Elite, Rave'n, and Zzz...Lite products.
These batteries also fit in most headlamps and many pocket flashlights.

Click the following link to view or download the engineering data for this battery:
E91.PDF.   Open this file with Adobe Acrobat (or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 
program, which can be downloaded at no charge from the Adobe Systems web site).
High-performance lithium batteries are also listed below for comparison and purchase.


Standard size AA, type E91 consumer labeled (or
we may substitute EN91 industrial labeled product,
same great battery, freshly dated, silver & black label).
Equivalent to ANSI/NEDA type 15A or IEC type LR6.
1.5 Volt nominal output, 2850 MilliAmpHour capacity.
Max dimensions 1.988" long x 0.571" diameter.
Unit weight 23.0 grams or 0.8 ounces.
Zinc / Manganese Dioxide chemistry.
No added Mercury or Cadmium.
Long shelf life (up to 7 years).
Low cost, high performance.


Alkaline AA Batteries Item No Unit Price
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (2) BA-AAE-2 $ 1.95
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (3) BA-AAE-3 $ 2.50
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (4) BA-AAE-4 $ 3.35
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (6) BA-AAE-6 $ 4.95
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (8) BA-AAE-8 $ 6.50
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (12) BA-AAE-12 $ 9.50
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (24) BA-AAE-24 $ 18.95
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (48) BA-AAE-48 $ 36.95
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (96) BA-AAE-96 $ 69.95
Energizer Alkaline AA Batteries (144) BA-AAE-144 $ 89.95
Lithium AA Batteries Item No Unit Price
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (2) BL-AAE-2 $ 5.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (3) BL-AAE-3 $ 8.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (4) BL-AAE-4 $ 11.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (6) BL-AAE-6 $ 17.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (8) BL-AAE-8 $ 23.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (12) BL-AAE-12 $ 33.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (24) BL-AAE-24 $ 65.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (48) BL-AAE-48 $ 127.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (96) BL-AAE-96 $ 247.95
Energizer Lithium AA Batteries (144) BL-AAE-144 $ 359.95

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Products----( Batteries )----[ Alkaline AA Batteries ]

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